Wat Pa Thama Uthayan

Khon Kaen

Spread over the vast grounds of this peaceful temple, 10km north of the city, are many beautiful monuments, including a 23m-tall white walking Buddha image, and many sculptures aimed at children. It has become a well-known meditation centre. Take sŏrng·tăa·ou 4 (15B) from Namuang or Prachasamoson streets; be sure to tell the driver where you are going since not all of them go that far.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Khon Kaen attractions

2. Khon Kaen National Museum

6.45 MILES

This collection of artefacts spans prehistoric times to the present. Highlights are Ban Chiang–era pottery and a beautiful Dvaravati bai săir·mah (temple…

3. Art & Culture Museum

6.61 MILES

Khon Kaen's leading arts showcase is this two-storey gallery at Khon Kaen University. It features monthly installations of mostly professional artists…

4. Walking Street Market

6.83 MILES

In the spirit of Chiang Mai's weekend street markets (but not touristy like them), hundreds of vendors take over Th Na Sunratchakan. Many of them sell…

5. City Pillar Shrine

7.47 MILES

Khon Kaen's city pillar shrine is fancier and more frequented than those of most northeastern cities. As thanks for large wishes granted or success in…

6. Talat Banglamphu-Bobae

7.64 MILES

Right in the heart of the city, the adjacent Banglamphu and Bobae markets comprise Khon Kaen's largest and most diverse fresh food sources. It's open…

7. Hong Moon Mung

8.27 MILES

Inside the amphitheatre at Bueng Kaen Nakhon lake, this well-executed museum about Khon Kaen provides a good introduction to Isan, with dioramas and…

8. Sanjao Bueng Tao Gong Ma

8.27 MILES

This is Khon Kaen's biggest and most impressive Chinese temple. It's beautiful at night, and you can sometimes see people practising dragon and lion…