Wat Pho Ban Nontan

Khon Kaen

Just off the lake, this peaceful tree-filled temple and noted meditation centre pre-dates the city and has a săh·lah like no other in Thailand. The ground floor is covered with sculpted trees, animals and village scenes of people acting out old Isan proverbs. There's also a small museum under the bóht, and this temple is a great place for a Thai massage.

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1. Sanjao Bueng Tao Gong Ma

0.14 MILES

This is Khon Kaen's biggest and most impressive Chinese temple. It's beautiful at night, and you can sometimes see people practising dragon and lion…

2. Hong Moon Mung

0.22 MILES

Inside the amphitheatre at Bueng Kaen Nakhon lake, this well-executed museum about Khon Kaen provides a good introduction to Isan, with dioramas and…

3. One Pillar Pagoda

0.31 MILES

This replica of Hanoi's iconic shrine was built by Khon Kaen's sizeable Vietnamese community. It's a good sunset-watching spot.

4. Bueng Kaen Nakhon

0.35 MILES

This 100-hectare lake is the most pleasant place in town to spend some time, and the paths hugging its shore link quite a few interesting spots. There's…

5. Wat That

0.42 MILES

This old temple has a soaring bóht and chedi. The latter, dating to 1789 but completely rebuilt in modern times, is surrounded by a cloister featuring…

6. Mahesak Shrine


This modern Khmer-style prang is dedicated to the god Indra, who is very important in Theravada Buddhism. It's almost spooky at night.

7. Talat Banglamphu-Bobae

0.85 MILES

Right in the heart of the city, the adjacent Banglamphu and Bobae markets comprise Khon Kaen's largest and most diverse fresh food sources. It's open…

8. Wat Nong Wang

0.87 MILES

Down at the south end of the lake, Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon, the gorgeous nine-storey stupa at the heart of this important temple, makes this Khon Kaen's…