Northeastern Switzerland

St Gallen has long been an important hub of the Swiss textile industry, and this museum pays homage to that tradition. The collection brings together many centuries of textiles from all over the world – from fabrics taken from ancient Egyptian graves to medieval embroidery and impossibly intricate lace – and the machinery used to produce them. Check the website to see which temporary exhibitions are showing.

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1. Stadtlounge

0.11 MILES

Quite astonishingly, part of historic St Gallen is covered by a rubberised red tennis-court coating, with in-situ outdoor-furniture-like chairs, sofas and…

2. Dom

0.14 MILES

St Gallen's twin-towered, mid-18th-century cathedral is only slightly less ornate than the world-famous Stiftsbibliothek library nearby. The cathedral…

3. Stiftsbibliothek

0.14 MILES

If the greatest masterpieces on earth are wrought for the glory of God, St Gallen’s Stiftsbibliothek (Abbey Library), is like a living prayer. Religious…

4. St Laurenzen-Kirche

0.17 MILES

St Gallen’s cathedral gets all the attention, but this Protestant neo-Gothic church is also beautiful, with its mosaic-tiled roof, delicate floral frescos…

5. Appenzeller Schaukäserei

3.77 MILES

Cheese-lovers won't want to miss out on a visit to this dairy, where an iPad tour gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the cheesemaking process,…

6. Appenzeller Volkskunde Museum

3.99 MILES

This folklore museum, its collection spanning everything from pastoral paintings to embroidery, provides an insight into rural Appenzell life. From April…

7. Hauptgasse

6.51 MILES

Appenzell's main pedestrian drag is a stunner, lined with lavishly muralled facades and shops selling everything from folk costumes to local cheese and…

8. Landsgemeindeplatz

6.54 MILES

Appenzell's main square is rimmed with elaborately painted hotels and restaurants. It's a striking backdrop for April's Landsgemeinde cantonal assembly.