Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

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This black concrete and basalt cuboid on pedestrianised Städtle hosts temporary exhibitions, revolving around the gallery’s collection of contemporary art, which includes Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee and Joseph Beuys originals. The Prince of Liechtenstein's collection of old masters was relocated to the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna. The cafe-sushi-bar revives art-weary gallery goers.

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1. Postmuseum

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Liechtenstein once made a packet producing souvenir stamps for enthusiasts, but that market has been hit by the rise of email. Here you’ll find all…

2. Treasure Chamber


In the same building as the Postmuseum (at the opposite end) you'll find this museum with a unique collection of the treasures of Liechtenstein, including…

3. Schloss Vaduz


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5. Parliament Building

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Since 2008, Liechtenstein's 25-member Parliament has been convening in this somewhat startlingly modern building. Munich-based architect Hansjörg Göritz…

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To see how Vaduz once looked, amble north of town to Mitteldorf. Its streets form a charming quarter of traditional houses and rose-strewn gardens…