Vorarlberg Museum

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One of Bregenz' most striking landmarks is this white cuboid emblazoned with what appears to be 16,656 flowers (actually PET bottle bases imprinted in concrete). The gallery homes in on Vorarlberg's history, art and architecture in its permanent exhibitions, including one on the Roman archaeological finds of Brigantium. It also stages rotating exhibitions, such as recent ones spotlighting the Bregenzer Festspiele and mining in the Eastern Alps.

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1. Kunsthaus

0.04 MILES

Designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, this giant glass and steel cube is said to resemble a lamp, reflecting the changing light of the sky and lake…

2. Martinsturm

0.28 MILES

Not far past Martinstor is this baroque tower, topped by the largest onion dome in Central Europe. It’s worth seeing the 14th-century Gothic frescoes in…

3. Martinstor

0.28 MILES

Part of the original defensive walls in Bregenz' Oberstadt, this fortified gate is guarded by the grotesque, mummified remains of a shark.

4. Pfänder Cable Car


A cable car whizzes to the 1064m peak of the Pfänder, a wooded mountain rearing above Bregenz and affording a breathtaking panorama of the Bodensee and…

5. Oberstadt

0.34 MILES

Slung high above the lake is the Oberstadt, Bregenz’ tiny old town of winding streets, candy-coloured houses and flowery gardens. It’s still enclosed by…

6. Festspielhaus

0.43 MILES

Even if you can’t bag tickets for the Bregenzer Festspiele, the Festival Hall is a must-see. All tinted glass, smooth concrete and sharp angles, this is…

7. Alpine Game Park Pfänder

0.44 MILES

At the top of the Pfänder, a 30-minute circular trail brings you close to deer, wild boar, ibex and whistling marmots at the year-round Alpine Game Park…

8. Neuer Leuchtturm

3.96 MILES

Climb 139 steps to the top of this 36m-high lighthouse for cracking views out over Lindau and Lake Constance, especially on clear days when the Alps are…