Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park

Crowning glory of the park, the dagger-edged Grand Teton (13,775ft/4199m) has taunted many a would-be mountaineer. The first white men to claim to have summited were James Stevenson and Nathanial Langford, part of the 1872 Hayden Geological Survey. However, when William Owen, Franklin Spalding and two others arrived at the top in 1898, they found no evidence of a prior expedition. So they chiseled their names in a boulder, claimed the first ascent, and ignited a dispute that persists today.

Today, climbers speckle the mountain's multiple routes throughout the summer season, and even very fit non-climbers can reach the summit with a little training and a competent guide. The most popular route requires a combination of scrambling, easy 5th-class climbing and a few rappels, but should not be taken lightly. The park rescues 15 to 20 people a year, and fatalities are not uncommon.

Day climbers don't need to register, but those staying overnight need a backcountry-use permit (available at park visitor centers).

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