New York Stock Exchange

Financial District & Lower Manhattan

Home to the world’s best-known stock exchange (the NYSE), Wall Street is an iconic symbol of US capitalism. Behind the portentous neoclassical facade, about one billion shares change hands daily, a sight no longer publicly viewable due to security concerns. Feel free to gawk outside the building, protected by barricades and police. Directly across the cobblestones of Broad St stands the renowned Fearless Girl statue by Kristen Visbal, which was moved here in 2018 from its original spot outside Bowling Green.

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1. Federal Hall

0.05 MILES

A Greek Revival masterpiece, Federal Hall houses a museum dedicated to postcolonial New York. Themes include George Washington’s inauguration, Alexander…

2. Trinity Church

0.09 MILES

New York City's tallest building upon consecration in 1846, Trinity Church features a 280ft-high bell tower and a richly colored stained-glass window over…

3. Museum of American Finance

0.12 MILES

Money makes this interactive museum go round. It focuses on historic moments in American financial history, and its permanent collections include rare…

4. Federal Reserve Bank of New York

0.16 MILES

The best reason to visit the Federal Reserve Bank is the chance to (briefly) gawp at its high-security vault – more than 10,000 tons of gold reserves…

5. Bowling Green

0.18 MILES

New York’s oldest public park is purportedly the spot where Dutch settler Peter Minuit paid Native Americans the equivalent of $24 to purchase Manhattan…

6. National Museum of the American Indian

0.22 MILES

An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, this elegant tribute to Native American culture occupies Cass Gilbert's spectacular 1907 Custom House, one of…

7. Fraunces Tavern Museum

0.24 MILES

Combining five early-18th-century structures, this unique museum/restaurant/bar pays homage to the nation-shaping events of 1783, the momentous year in…

8. St Paul's Chapel

0.31 MILES

After his inauguration in 1789, George Washington worshipped at this Classical Revival brownstone chapel, built in 1766 and narrowly avoiding destruction…