Green Door Tavern


The Green Door, tucked in an 1872 building, is your place to mingle with locals over a beer and well-made burger amid old photos and memorabilia. During Prohibition, a door painted green meant there was a speakeasy in the basement. It's still there and now holds a small cocktail bar with jazz singers, burlesque shows, jugglers and other quirky entertainment.

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1. Carl Hammer Gallery

0.18 MILES

This long-standing gallery focuses on eye-popping folk and outsider art from the US and abroad, and is known for its excellent exhibitions.

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Art Works is a nonprofit organization that uses the arts to educate about human rights issues. The group's small office does double duty as a makeshift…

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4. theMart

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TheMart, as the Merchandise Mart is now called, is the world’s largest commercial building. Spanning two city blocks, the 1931 behemoth has its own zip…

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Located in theMart amid all the home design showrooms, this gallery specializes in colorful impressionist, modernist and historical Chicago-focused works…

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This plain-looking park across from the Newberry Library has quite a history. In the 1920s it was known as ‘Bughouse Square,’ where communists, socialists…

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Holy Name Cathedral is the seat of Chicago’s Catholic Church and where its powerful cardinals do their preaching. It provides a quiet place for…

8. Newberry Library


The Newberry's public galleries are a treat for bibliophiles: those who swoon over original Thomas Paine pamphlets about the French Revolution, or get…