Beatrix buzzes with business types, ladies who lunch and tourists staying at the attached hotel. Light-wood tables and mason jars full of seeds form the rustic decor. The all-encompassing menu spans shakshuka (poached eggs in tomato sauce) to pot-roast sandwiches to chili-and-chocolate-glazed salmon. With lots of gluten-free and vegetarian options to boot, Beatrix is a crowd-pleaser.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Chicago attractions

1. Museum of Broadcast Communications

0.21 MILES

This museum of radio and TV nostalgia is pretty sparsely populated. But if you have a hankering to see old Bozo the Clown clips, or the camera that taped…

2. Marina City

0.27 MILES

The twin corncob towers of Marina City are an Instagram favorite for their futuristic, cartoony look. Bertrand Goldberg designed the 1964 high-rise, and…

3. Richard Norton Gallery

0.28 MILES

Located in theMart amid all the home design showrooms, this gallery specializes in colorful impressionist, modernist and historical Chicago-focused works…

4. Poetry Foundation

0.29 MILES

This odd, mod building is where Poetry magazine is published. The reading room makes a nice refuge from inclement weather. Pop in and grab a book or…

5. Driehaus Museum

0.29 MILES

Set in the exquisite Nickerson Mansion, the Driehaus immerses visitors in Gilded Age decorative arts and architecture. You'll feel like a Great Gatsby…

6. theMart


TheMart, as the Merchandise Mart is now called, is the world’s largest commercial building. Spanning two city blocks, the 1931 behemoth has its own zip…

7. Holy Name Cathedral

0.35 MILES

Holy Name Cathedral is the seat of Chicago’s Catholic Church and where its powerful cardinals do their preaching. It provides a quiet place for…

8. Wrigley Building

0.35 MILES

The Wrigley Building glows as white as the Doublemint Twins’ teeth, day or night. Chewing-gum guy William Wrigley built it that way on purpose, because he…