Footsteps in desert sand heading towards skyscrapers of the Dubai city skyline at dawn.

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Dubai is a stirring alchemy of profound traditions and ambitious futuristic vision wrapped into starkly evocative desert splendor.


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Best Neighborhoods

Dubai is a sprawling city, so it pays to plan your visit wisely. Instead of packing in too many sights, get to know the city's neighborhoods one at a time.

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Day Trips

You’ll find everything from mosques and museums to mountain bike trails and ziplines within day-trip distance of Dubai. Here are the best spots to visit.

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Getting around Dubai requires some form of transport, whether that's taking a taxi, using rideshare apps, hopping on public transport or driving yourself.

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Free Things to Do

Dubai might be known as the City of Gold, but that doesn't mean it has to cost the earth to visit. Here are the best things to do in Dubai for free.

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Traveling with Kids

While Dubai might have a reputation as being a playground for the rich, this family-friendly city should be known as a playground for the little ones, too.

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5 Shops

As one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, the richness of Dubai’s diversity truly shines through in its contemporary shopping scene.

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People in the water at Jumeirah Beach with the Dubai skyline in the distance.
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How to travel to Dubai with points and miles in 2024

Jan 30, 2024 • 17 min read

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