Nam Tok Bua Tong (Sticky Waterfall)

Top choice in Si Lanna National Park

Ever walked up a waterfall? An increasingly popular day trip from Chiang Mai to Si Lanna National Park's 'Sticky Waterfall' allows visitors (with no magic powers or even climbing skills) to do just that. The secret lies not in the cartoonish-looking, mysteriously clingy rocks, but in the calcium-rich spring above that feeds the three-tiered, 100m waterfall. That water leaves mineral deposits on the rocks, preventing slippery stuff (like algae) from growing.

After you climb the scenic, forest-flanked chutes, why not have a picnic at the top? You can also hike to the spring; the start point is the sign at the top for Namphu Chet Si.

Plenty of locals and travellers arrive at the falls via motorbike, but be aware that the 60km trip can take up to two hours. Other options include chartering a rót daang for around 1000B, or visiting with a guided tour. Most tour operators in the city offer the trip, sometimes in combo with Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, and prices can vary based on group size.

If you're driving, take Rte 1001 east and look for the sign for the waterfall. Make a right, and it's about 3km to the parking lot.

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