SUPHAN BURI, THAILAND-JANUARY25: Thai Chickens wait to be sold at the Khlong Toey market in Bangkok,Thailand  January 25,2004. An outbreak of Bird Flu has ravaged poultry farms and could devastate the country's chicken export sector which is the worl's fourth largest worth 1.5 billion dollars. The Bird Flu (also called Avian Flu)  has claimed six victims in Vietnam and one in Thailand. The World Health organization ( W.H.O.) said there was no evidence of person-to-person spread of the virus. Thailand's prime minister on Saturday denied accusations that his government had tried to cover up an outbreak of virus..(photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

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Khlong Toey Market

Thanon Sukhumvit

This wholesale market, one of the city’s largest, is the origin of many of the meals you’ll eat during your stay in Bangkok. Get there early, and bring a camera. Although some corners of the market can’t exactly be described as photogenic, the cheery fishmongers and stacks of durians make great happy snaps. By 10am, most vendors have already packed up and left.

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