Cheesiness and altitude run in equal parts at Baiyoke Tower II, formerly Bangkok’s tallest building. Ascend through a corridor decked with aliens and planets (and the Star Wars theme song) to emerge at the 84th-floor, open-air revolving platform that looks over a city whose concrete sprawl can appear never-ending.

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1. Suan Pakkad Palace Museum

0.31 MILES

An overlooked treasure, Suan Pakkad (literally 'lettuce farm') is a collection of eight traditional wooden Thai houses that was once the residence of…

2. Bangkok Doll Factory & Museum

0.54 MILES

This workshop was founded by Khunying Tongkorn Chandavimol in 1956 after she completed a doll-making course while living in Japan. Her dolls draw on Thai…

3. Wat Pathum

0.64 MILES

A low-key but beautiful Buddhist temple sandwiched between two of Bangkok's snazziest shopping malls.

4. Sea Life Ocean World

0.68 MILES

More than 400 species of fish, crustaceans and even penguins populate this vast underground facility. Diving with sharks (for a fee) is also an option if…

5. Erawan Shrine

0.71 MILES

Erawan Shrine was originally built in 1956 as something of a last-ditch effort to end a string of misfortunes that occurred during the construction of a…

6. Victory Monument

0.73 MILES

This obelisk was built by the then military government in 1941 to commemorate a 1940 campaign against the French in Laos. Today the monument is primarily…

8. YELO House

0.82 MILES

An art gallery? Vintage-clothing market? Co-working space? Cafe/restaurant? YELO House is so cool, it's hard to pin down what it actually is. So we'll go…