Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Northern Bangkok

The other of Bangkok's two premier Thai boxing rings is located in a modern venue far north of town.

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Nearby Northern Bangkok attractions

1. Museum of Contemporary Art

2.81 MILES

The city's largest space dedicated to Thai contemporary art. It's probably the best place in the country to familiarise yourself with the genre, but don't…

3. This Is Us

5.35 MILES

This museum, run by the Bangkok-based NGO Empower, seeks to destigmatise Thailand's sex industry. Visits by appointment only.

4. Papaya


What began as a private hobby for Papaya's reticent owner has snowballed over the years into a mindboggling collection of 19th- and 20th-century artefacts…

5. Children's Discovery Museum

5.69 MILES

Learning is well-disguised as fun at this museum, open again after a lengthy renovation completed in 2019. The interactive exhibits range in topic from…

6. Chatuchak Weekend Market

5.86 MILES

Among the largest open-air markets in the world, Chatuchak (also referred to as 'Jatujak' or simply 'JJ Market') seems to unite everything buyable, from…

7. Clock Tower

5.87 MILES

This clock tower serves as a convenient meeting point in Chatuchak Weekend Market.

8. Or Tor Kor Market

6.07 MILES

Or Tor Kor is Bangkok’s highest-quality fruit and agricultural market, and taking in the toddler-sized mangoes and dozens of pots full of curries amounts…