Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Bangkok Region

This 100-year-old floating market – once one of Thailand's prestige tourist attractions – is now essentially a floating souvenir stand filled with hordes of package tourists. It's an unapologetically commercial affair: a tour of the market requires you to hire a boat (per person/boat 800/3000B) that takes you through a network of canals, calling at virtually every stall flogging cheap knick-knacks at steep prices (including the boatman's commission). The diesel fumes from the boats' exhausts only makes things less bearable.

To make the most out of your 'cruise', politely cajole the boatman into taking you on a tour through the residential part of the settlement, which is far more pleasant compared to the frenzied market experience.

Buses for Damnoen Saduak village depart from the Southern Bus Terminal in Thonburi (100B, two hours, frequent from 6am to 9pm).

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