Government House

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

Perhaps Stanley’s most photographed landmark, rambling Government House has been home to London-appointed governors since 1845 and was briefly occupied by Argentine commander Menendez during the 1982 occupation. Government House is set back about 50m from Ross Rd West by a lush flower garden fronting the glassed-in conservatory. The house has an interesting architectural history with numerous revisions.

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1. 1914 Battle of the Falklands Memorial

0.14 MILES

This obelisk, just past Government House, commemorates a WWI naval engagement. On December 8, 1914, nine British ships, refueling in Stanley, quickly…

2. 1982 Falklands War Memorial

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In front of the Secretariat on Ross Rd, this wall carries the names of the 252 British military personnel and three Falklands civilians who died in the…

5. Whalebone Arch

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On the small grassy square next to Christ Church Cathedral, the Whalebone Arch was built in 1933 to commemorate the centenary of British rule in the…

6. Christ Church Cathedral

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The great peat slip of 1886, a landslide which killed two people and damaged numerous buildings, wiped out Stanley’s Holy Trinity Church. The foundation…

7. Cross of Sacrifice

1.07 MILES

Stanley's cemetery is fronted by the Cross of Sacrifice, a memorial to islanders who lost their lives in WWI and WWII.