Barcelona, Spain - September 20, 2021: Casa Vicens is a modernist building located in Barcelona, in the district of Gracia. The work of Antoni Gaudí, it was the first important project of the architect.


Casa Vicens

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A Unesco-listed masterpiece, this angular, turreted 1885-completed private house was Gaudí’s inaugural commission, when the architect was aged just 30, created for stock and currency broker Manuel Vicens i Montaner. Tucked away west of Gràcia’s main drag, the richly detailed facade is awash with ceramic colour and shape, including distinctive marigold tiling, and opened to the public in 2017. You're free to wander through but one-hour guided tours (in Catalan, Spanish, English and French) bring the building to life.

As was frequently the case, Gaudí sought inspiration for Casa Vicens from the past, in this case the rich heritage of building in the Mudéjar-style brick, typical in parts of Spain reconquered from the Moors by the Christians (and created by Arabs and Berbers allowed to remain in Spain post-reconquest) – note, for example, the tinkling fountain overlooking the gardens.

The renovated building is accessible for visitors with limited mobility (including wheelchairs). Temporary exhibitions are mounted alongside permanent displays covering the building's history, and the attractive garden cafe is by the respected Hofmann culinary clan.

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