Playa La Pared

El Yunque & East Coast

A block from Luquillo’s plaza, this is the place to catch a surf break, admire the sculpture by local artist Carlos Guzmán, grab a bite from a gourmet food truck and sip sundowners. To the east, a string of hard-to-reach bays stretching to Fajardo is part of a long-running conservation campaign known as the Northeast Ecological Corridor. Around a small headland to the west, Playa Azul’s more sheltered sandy crescent sits in front of high-rise condos of the same name.

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Nearby El Yunque & East Coast attractions

1. Playa Luquillo

1.03 MILES

Along with its must-visit kioskos, Luquillo is synonymous with its fabulous – and hugely popular – beach. Set on a calm, northwest-facing bay and…

2. Las Paylas

2.88 MILES

This series of natural waterslides in El Yunque's foothills is popular with locals, especially on weekends. The water bounces over boulders, ending in a…

3. Playa Seven Seas

5.23 MILES

On the southwestern shore of Las Cabezas' peninsula, Playa Seven Seas is a sheltered, palm-shaded, horseshoe-shaped public beach. Quiet at times, it gets…

4. La Coca Falls

5.52 MILES

The first spectacular natural feature you see as Hwy 191 climbs south toward the forest peaks is an 85ft cascade as the stream tumbles from a precipice to…

5. Cabezas de San Juan Reserva Natural

5.55 MILES

A nodule of land on Puerto Rico’s northeast tip, this Para La Naturaleza–run reserve protects the Laguna Grande bioluminescent bay, rare flora and fauna,…

6. Yokahú Tower

5.75 MILES

This 65ft, Moorish-looking stone tower was built as a lookout in 1962. It's the first good spot for vistas of the islands to the east, but there are…

7. Parque las Croabas

6.02 MILES

On the eastern side of Fajardo's peninsula, this small seaside park is edged by seafood restaurants looking across the water to Culebra. There's not much…

8. El Faro de las Cabezas de San Juan


Built in 1882, El Faro de las Cabezas de San Juan is Puerto Rico’s oldest lighthouse. Adorned with rich neoclassical detail and topped by a distinctive…