Foro di Nerva

Ancient Rome

Although named after the emperor Nerva, who opened it in the late 1st century AD, this forum was largely built by his predecessor Domitian. Part of a temple dedicated to Minerva still stands, but much of the forum lies buried beneath Via dei Fori Imperiali.

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1. Foro di Augusto

0.05 MILES

Commissioned by Augustus in 42 BC and completed 40 years later, the Forum of Augustus is largely buried beneath Via dei Fori Imperiali. Its main…

2. Roman Forum Entrance

0.08 MILES

The main entrance/exit for the Roman Forum is just off Via dei Fori Imperiali.

3. Basilica Fulvia Aemilia

0.08 MILES

A series of column stubs and littered masonry near the entrance to the Roman Forum on Largo della Salara Vecchia are all that remain of the Basilica…

4. Basilica dei SS Cosma e Damiano

0.09 MILES

Backing onto the Roman Forum, this 6th-century basilica incorporates parts of the Foro di Vespasiano and Tempio di Romolo, visible at the end of the nave…

5. Foro di Vespasiano

0.09 MILES

The Foro di Vespasiano, also known as the Foro della Pace (Forum of Peace) or Tempio della Pace (Temple of Peace), was built in AD 70 by Vespasian. Part…

6. Tempio di Antonino e Faustina


Entering the Roman Forum from Largo della Salara Vecchia – you can also enter directly from the Palatino or from the Arco di Tito – you’ll see the Tempio…

7. Imperial Forums

0.11 MILES

The forums of Trajan, Augustus, Nerva and Caesar are known collectively as the Imperial Forums. They were largely buried when Mussolini bulldozed Via dei…

8. Curia

0.11 MILES

On the Roman Forum, the Curia was the meeting place of the Roman Senate. According to tradition, it was originally built by Tullo Ostilio, the third of…