This is a Hindu shrine in Bangkok's old town.

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1. Sao Ching-Cha

0.04 MILES

This spindly red arch – a symbol of Bangkok – formerly hosted a Brahmin festival in honour of Shiva, in which participants would swing in ever higher arcs…

2. Wat Suthat

0.06 MILES

Other than being just plain huge and impressive, Wat Suthat also holds the highest royal temple grade. Inside the wí·hăhn (sanctuary for a Buddha…

3. Vishnu Shrine

0.08 MILES

This is one of the few Hindu shrines located in Bangkok's old town.

4. Thanon Bamrung Meuang Religious Shops

0.15 MILES

The stretch of Th Bamrung Meuang (one of Bangkok’s oldest streets and originally an elephant path leading to the Grand Palace) from Th Mahachai to Th…

6. Wat Ratchanatdaram

0.29 MILES

This temple was built for Rama III (King Phranangklao; r 1824–51) in the 1840s, and its design is said to derive from metal temples built in India and Sri…

7. Democracy Monument

0.31 MILES

The Democracy Monument is the focal point of the grand, European-style boulevard that is Th Ratchadamnoen Klang. As the name suggests, it was erected to…