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As Mexico’s second-largest city, Guadalajara delivers a less frenetic alternative to the nation’s capital. And, while many of the images recognized as Mexican have their roots here – mariachi music, wide-brimmed sombreros, the Mexican hat dance and charreadas (rodeos) – Guadalajara is as much a vanguard of the new Mexico as it is guardian of the old. An embarrassment of museums and theaters drive the cultural life forward, fusion chefs have sharpened the edges of an already legendary culinary scene and foresighted local planners are doing their damnedest to tackle the traffic.


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Guadalajara is a large, dynamic city. If you’re looking for a different side of Mexico or just need a break from all that urbanity, then you’re in luck.

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The second largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara is a complex metropolis conjuring images of colonial churches and outdoor markets, mariachi bands and…

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