Libreria Acqua Alta


Precarious stacks of books appear in constant danger of collapse at this wonderfully ragtag secondhand bookshop. Some books are displayed in a gondola – which must come in handy during floods – and you can even climb a stack for views over the back canal.

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1. Ospedaletto

0.06 MILES

This 16th-century church with its facade stacked with muscular caryatids – which the celebrated art critic Ruskin thought ‘the most monstrous example of…

2. Palazzo Grimani

0.07 MILES

The Grimani family built their Renaissance palazzo (mansion) in 1568 to showcase the extraordinary Graeco-Roman sculpture collection of Cardinal Giovanni…

3. Zanipolo

0.09 MILES

Commenced in 1333 but not finished until the 1430s, this vast church is similar in style and scope to the Franciscan Frari in San Polo, which was being…

4. Chiesa di Santa Maria Formosa

0.09 MILES

Originally built as a thatch-roofed wooden church in the 7th century, Santa Maria Formosa was refashioned by Mauro Codussi in 1492 with new baroque curves…

5. Bartolomeo Colleoni Statue


Bartolomeo Colleoni's galloping bronze equestrian statue is one of only two such public monuments in Venice – and an extraordinary example of early…

6. Fondazione Querini Stampalia


In 1869 Conte Giovanni Querini Stampalia made a gift of his ancestral 16th-century palazzo (mansion) to the city on the forward-thinking condition that…

7. Scuola Grande di San Marco

0.12 MILES

Instead of simple father-son handyman projects, sculptor Pietro Lombardo and his sons had more ambitious goals: a high-Renaissance marble facade for the…

8. Ocean Space

0.15 MILES

Austrian powerhouse Francesca von Habsburg has restored the epic San Lorenzo church – derelict for nearly a century after suffering damage in WWI – to…