Parco delle Rimembranze


At the eastern limit of the Giardini Pubblici, on the island of Sant'Elena, this memorial park is planted with umbrella pines, each originally commemorating a fallen WWI soldier. It's a tranquil spot with postcard views of the Bacino di San Marco. Families gather here to sit on the benches, roller skate around the rink, and play on the slides and swings. Not only does it provide a shady respite in a crowded urban environment, but it also offers a real slice of Venetian life.

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1. Giardini Pubblici

0.35 MILES

Begun under Napoleon as the city's first public green space, these leafy gardens are now the main home of the Biennale. Around half of the gardens is open…

2. Monument to the Partisan Woman

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3. Serra dei Giardini

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4. Museo del Manicomio


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La Certosa’s yacht marina complex includes a hotel, an alfresco restaurant-bar and a sailing club, which runs regattas and a summer sail camp for children.

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