Stages of the artisanal processing of Murano glass
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Murano, Burano & the Northern Islands

Murano has been the home of Venetian glass-making since the 13th century. Today, artisans continue to ply their trade at workshops dotted around the island. To learn about local manufacturing traditions and view a collection of historic glass, visit the Museo del Vetro.

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1. Museo del Vetro

Since 1861, Murano’s glass-making prowess has been celebrated in Palazzo Giustinian, the home of bishops of Torcello from 1689 until the diocese's…

2. Basilica dei SS Maria e Donato

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Fire-breathing is the unifying theme of Murano’s medieval church, with its astounding 12th-century gilded-glass apse mosaic of the Madonna made in Murano…

3. Chiesa di San Pietro Martire

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Take a pause from glass shopping to check out The Baptism of Christ, attributed to Tintoretto, in 16th-century St Peter the Martyr's Church. The parish…

4. Faro di Murano

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Murano's white lighthouse only dates to 1934, but it's a distinctive island landmark. It's not open to the public.

5. Santa Chiara – The Glass Cathedral

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There are authentic glass factories on Murano offering cheaper demonstrations and turning out far finer work, but this furnace – housed within a…

6. Cimitero di San Michele

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Until Napoleon established a city cemetery on this little island, Venetians had been buried in parish plots across town – not an ideal solution in a…

7. I Gesuiti

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Giddily over the top even by rococo standards, this glitzy 18th-century Jesuit church is difficult to take in all at once, with staggering white-and-green…

8. L’Oratorio dei Crociferi

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This plain almshouse is often overlooked in favour of the extravagant Jesuit church opposite. But the 12th-century Order of the Cross that founded it to…