Orti Farnesiani

Ancient Rome

On the Palatino, the 16th-century Orti Farnesiani is one of Europe's earliest botanical gardens. A viewing balcony at the garden's northern flank commands breathtaking views over the Roman Forum.

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1. Criptoportico Neroniano

0.05 MILES

This 130m-long tunnel (accessible only with the SUPER ticket) is where Caligula is thought to have been murdered, and which Nero later used to connect his…

2. Casa di Livia

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Home to the emperor Augustus' wife Livia, the Casa was built around an atrium leading onto what were once reception rooms, decorated with frescoes of…

3. Domus Flavia

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Most of the Palatino as it appears today is covered by the ruins of Emperor Domitian's vast 1st-century complex, which served as the main imperial palace…

4. Capanne Romulee

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According to tradition, these Iron Age huts on the Palatino, also known as the Casa Romuli, are where Romulus and Remus were brought up by the shepherd…

5. Casa di Augusto


The Casa di Augusto, Augustus’ private residence, boasts superb ceiling and wall frescoes. These are further enhanced by audio narrations and video…

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The Casa delle Vestali, situated in the heart of the Roman Forum, was home to the Vestal Virgins who tended the sacred flame in the adjoining Tempio di…