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There's a whiff of Paris in Turin's elegant tree-lined boulevards and echoes of Vienna in its stately art-nouveau cafes, but make no mistake – this elegant, Alp-fringed city is utterly self-possessed. The industrious Torinese gave the world its first saleable hard chocolate and Italy's most iconic car, the Fiat.

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Things to Know

How many days do I need? What should I book in advance? Where should I stay for the best nightlife? Everything you need to know before you go to Turin.

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Best Neighborhoods

Here’s our guide to Turin’s top neighborhoods - and what each has to offer - so you can pick the perfect one for your next vacation.

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Day Trips

Easily reachable by train, bus or e-bike, these top destinations make for delightful day trips from Turin.

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Money and Costs

Elegant and sophisticated, Turin looks every inch the royal capital it once was, but you don’t have to spend a queen’s ransom to enjoy it.

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It may be the birthplace of Fiat, but in Turin it's best to leave the car in the garage and explore by foot or public transport.

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Free Things to Do

Stretch your euros to the max with our guide to the best free things to do in beautiful Turin.

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