Joe Bindloss

Joe Bindloss

London, UK


About Joe

Joe has been traveling and writing about his experiences for more than 20 years, and he has written more than 60 guidebooks for Lonely Planet and other publishers. His favourite haunts are in Asia–Joe was Lonely Planet's destination editor for the Indian subcontinent for 10 years, and he writes regularly about destinations across Southeast Asia–but he's worked as far afield as Finland, Moscow, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Great Britain and the Scottish Highlands. 

When not writing for Lonely Planet and other publishers, Joe contributes regularly to the Telegraph, Guardian and other newspapers. If he had to choose his favourite place to work, it would be a close run thing between Nepal, Bhutan, India and mainland Southeast Asia. In between gigs, Joe can be found tending to his collection of Tibetan Buddhist dance masks, Burmese lacqueurware and American guitars.    

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