Ideal weather is purely subjective. One person plans a picnic in a heatwave, while another is frantically searching out the nearest air conditioning unit and dark room. Similarly, one person's snowstorm is another person's hellscape. But few can deny that there's something lovely and almost joyous about life when it's 21-24C (70-76F) and bright outside. If you'd like to spend 52 weeks of the year basking in this mellow weather, follow this itinerary to discover where and when you can do it.

US flight booking company has mapped out an itinerary of mild weather destinations for every week of the year. Image by Getty

US hotel booking company developed a year-long itinerary that follows the ideal temperature around the globe. Essentially, temperatures that make it warm enough for light clothes and cool enough for comfortable strolls.

"Each person has their own personal bias, so it’s a tricky thing to pin down, but we’ve read a number of articles and posts and found that the range of daily highs between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21-25 degrees Celsius was a pretty solid indicator of acceptable temperature among the majority of people," a spokesperson said.

The team collated the data into an itinerary that maps out where and when you can find these temperatures. And it's laid out in such a way that you could hit 52 places in 52 weeks, with less than two days of travel time between each location. That obviously requires a lot of planning and a lot of money, not to mention the fact that weather is fickle. But, for fun, let's dip our toes in and see where the sunshine leads us.


Lake Nahuel Huapi in National Park
Lake Nahuel Huapi in National Park in Bariloche. Image by Marcos Radicella/Getty

Jan 1: Latin America is seemingly the best place, temperature wise, to base yourself at the start of the year. Kick off the new year in the Alpine-style town of Bariloche, Argentina with its snowcapped mountains, abundant waterfalls and namesake lakes.

Jan 8: Then make your way over the Andes to Chile's bohemian Valparaíso where you can wander through mazes of brightly coloured restaurants, cafes and bars in this laidback seaside town.

Jan 15: Now it's time to soak up the sights in the baroque town of Arequipa, Peru, the country's second-largest city. You can explore the museums, cathedrals and volcanoes without breaking too much of a sweat.

Jan 22: Over to Colombia's resort town of Guatapé with its golden beaches and sprawling artificial lake.

Jan 29: Veer to the northwest to Panajachel, Guatemala and base yourself around the epic Lago de Atitlán.


Marrakesh carpets
Marrakesh's winding streets are easy to navigate in late February's mild weather. Image by Starcevic/Getty

Feb 5: Now it's time to follow the sunshine and balmy weather to La Paz in Mexico, just at the tip of the Baja California peninsula for a stroll around the waterfront malecón or marvel at the architecture around the Plaza Constitución.

Feb 12: Sticking with Mexico, go east to Monterrey. The cosmopolitan city is renowned for its rich culture and urban hipster nightlife scene but there's plenty of nature in Parque Fundidora and the Paseo Santa Lucia.

Feb 19: It's time to leave the continent for Las Palmas, Spain in the Canary Islands, the city that's otherwise known as 'Europe's answer to Rio de Janeiro.' 

Feb 26: After that, it's a quick flight into Marrakesh, Morocco for mild weather, markets and marvellous mosques.


Israel's Haifa is lovely in late March. Image by FredFroese/Getty

Mar 5: Next stop is Tozeur, Tunisia with its mountains, salt lakes and palm trees.

Mar 12: Before the mercury rises, travel west to Cairo in Egypt to experience the pyramids with a clear head and without worrying about the hazy, intense heat.

Mar 19: Israel is calling with a stop in Tel Aviv to experience its hedonistic 24-hour party scene. The city's Unesco-designated White City area (the world’s highest concentration of Bauhaus-style buildings) is a treat to explore when there's a bit of a breeze in the air.

Mar 26: After that, it's just a quick train ride to Israel's beach town of Haifa for a week of sun, sea and national parks.


 Jupiter and Bacchus Temple
Lebanon's Baalbek with its Jupiter and Bacchus Temple is ripe for exploring in April. Image by tunart/Getty

April 2: April's first week of ideal temperatures starts in Baalbek, Lebanon, home to the famous Jupiter and Bacchus Temple.

April 9: Then it's on to Antalya, Turkey for a springtime seaside break without the baking heat (and crowds).

April 16: Spend a week in Larnaka, Cyprus, diving to explore the Zenobia shipwreck and dining on seafood meze.

April 23: Time for a Greek island sojourn in Hania (or Chania), Crete with its Venetian and Turkish architecture, independent boutiques and tiny restaurants.

April 30: Italy is starting to heat up but mild temperatures (and incredible food) can be found in the Sicilian port city of Catania


May is a good time to soak up the delights of Split, Croatia. Image by Bradley St Clair / EyeEm/Getty

May 7:  Bustling Naples is just lovely at this time of year. Its mesmerising beauty, art, culture and social scene is just heating up for the summer but temperatures are mild enough to explore it all in comfort.

May 14: A hop across the Med will take you to Split, Croatia where you can wander through Roman ruins, fashionable cafes and sandy beaches before the summer crowds descend.

May 21: Away you go to the city of Rabat in Malta where you can visit the sacred underground of the city through St Agatha's Crypt and Catacomb (built in the 14th and 15th centuries) or St Paul's Catacomb (dating from the 3rd Century). 

May 28: Barcelona's peak season is just warming up but temperatures are still bearable at the end of May/start of June.


Lisbon tiles
Lisbon is lovely at any time of year but temperatures are ideal in mid-June. Image by Pinghung Chen / EyeEm / Getty

June 4: Head west to Lisbon, Portugal for tiled streets, custard tarts, rooftop bars and Atlantic breezes.

June 11: Move further north to the markets and vineyards of Bordeaux, France where a glass of Malbec is best enjoyed at a terraced bistro, just as spring melts into summer.

June 18: Up to Geneva, Switzerland for a cruise along its namesake lake or a stroll through its Old Town.

June 25: See the month out in Berlin, Germany and enjoy picnics in the parks (the German capital has an abundance of green spaces) or sink a beer in a waterside bar.


July's mild weather in Nairobi makes safaris more comfortable. Image by Matthew Crowley Photography/Getty

July 2: Africa might seem too hot to bear in July but the continent is huge with varying temperatures. Nairobi, Kenya enjoys balmy average temperatures of about 22C at this time of year, perfect elephant-spotting weather.

July 9: After a week there, journey south to the lush green town of Monkey Bay, Malawi where July means winter and mild weather.

July 14: Zambia is the next port of call with a stay in Siavonga, the main resort along the Zambian side of Lake Kariba

July 19: Now it's time to head  to Hwange, Zimbabwe where you can witness nature at its most majestic with a trip to Victoria Falls or Hwange National Park.

July 30Pretoria, South Africa is July's final destination. The subtropical metropolis is home to grand, old architecture, significant historical sites and a buzzing youth and art scene. 


The map recommends heading to the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude, Russia for August. Image by Nutexzles/Getty

Aug 6: Now it's time for an island break in Baie du Tombeau, Mauritius, which maintains its Goldilocks temperatures through forests and ocean breezes.

Aug 13: Skip over to Darjeeling, India next for monasteries, mountains and tea gardens.

Aug 18: Make your way to the valley town of Paro, Bhutan with its colourful streets that are worth exploring by foot. Make sure to stick around for the town's famous weekend market.

Aug 23: Moving far north, the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude is at its most temperate in August and the ideal spot to end the month.


Tokyo, Japan
September is one of the most pleasant times to visit Tokyo. Image by TommL/Getty

Sept 1: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is the first stop for September, renowned for its Soviet-era buildings, monasteries, and hotchpotch of traditional and 21st-century living.

Sept 8: Move on to the mountains and hot springs of Sapporo, Japan for a week of total relaxation.

Sept 15: Sokcho, South Korea is up next for world-class seafood.

Sept 22: Head west towards Beijing, China to climb the Great Wall in sweat-free sunshine.

Sept 29: Then it's back to Japan to experience Tokyo's eclectic culture and culinary scene.


Napa Valley autumn
Late autumn is a time of mild weather and golden colours in Napa Valley. Image by leezsnow/Getty

Oct 6: While leaves are falling in the northern hemisphere in October, they're just starting to bloom in Australia so now is the perfect time to visit the Barossa Valley vineyards and botanic gardens of Adelaide.

Oct 13: Perth has more sunlight hours than any other major Australian city so there's never not a good time to go, however, October offers ideal springtime temperatures and colourful wildflowers.

Oct 20: See the Opera House and Bondi in Sydney just before summer comes with its sometime punishing temperatures.

Oct 27: It's time to swap spring for autumn and finish the month out in the northern hemisphere at Napa, California.


New Orleans
There's never not a good time to visit New Orleans. Image by Nathan Steele / EyeEm /Getty

Nov 5: After Napa, the map recommends heading to Los Angeles for sunny skies in November.

Nov 9: Then it's a quick trip to the hedonistic bubble of Las Vegas.

Nov 15: Drive across to Austin, Texas for live music, smokey barbecues and a hip social scene.

Nov 22: After that, it's time to experience the flavours and sounds of New Orleans, Louisiana, with its mild winter temperatures.


Flordia Everglades
Florida Everglades are less steamy in winter. Image by Pola Damonte via Getty Images

Dec 2: Orlando is apparently the best place for ideal temperatures in the first week of December and you can also hit the theme parks with fewer crowds.

Dec 9: Then head west to the Everglades to uncover its lush treasures.

Dec 15: Leaving the US, it's time to take a flight to Mount Pleasant, Bermuda for a beach break.

Dec 25: Finally, it's time to end the year chasing Santa Claus and mid-70s weather in the town of Freeport in the Bahamas.

(Areas of the Bahamas saw severe damage due to Hurricane Dorian in September, but the country's tourism and aviation minister is already urging travellers to visit unaffected areas.) 

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