Do you think you have what it takes to cross the world's longest footbridge? 

Travelers who enjoy thrills and have a head for heights will want to add crossing the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge to their future travel plans. The 721-meter (2365 feet) Sky Bridge 721 recently opened in Dolni Morava, Czech Republic, about three hours from Prague

The one-way trek takes you from the Slaměnka Chalet to the side of Chlum Hill and is supported by six main ropes with 60 wind ropes that help with stability. At its highest point, you'll be dangling 95 meters (311 feet) above ground level with fantastic views of the surrounding Jeseníky mountains. Dolni Morava is located near the border with Poland, between the crests of the Kralicky Snezník mountain.

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A visitor on Sky Walk with Sky Bridge 721 behind him in Czech Republic.
Sky Bridge 721 is located behind the Sky Walk attraction © Lukas Kabon / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The full bridge experience

The bridge can hold up to 500 people at a time. After you've completed your bridge crossing, you'll be guided along the attraction's 2km The Bridge of Time trail. The trail is an enriching, informative add-on with educational panels and an interactive game with augmented reality.

The bridge took two years to construct and cost approximately $8.3 million to build, bucking the previous world-record-holder, the 516-meter-long Arouca bridge in Portugal, by over 200 meters.

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What you should know about Sky Bridge 721 before visiting

Tickets for your great bridge trek must be purchased online in advance. Check the weather ahead of time and be mindful of wind advisories, the bridge will close for safety measures if wind reaches 84mph.

The entrance to the bridge is behind the Slaměnka mountain lodge by the upper station of the Sněžník chairlift. Visitors can take the chairlift to the entrance, or walk or bike the 4km trail from the Wellness Hotel Vista along the slopes to the entrance gate. 

Estimate that it will take about 1.5 hours to complete Sky Bridge 721, the educational trail and interactive game.

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The other attraction worth your time: Sky Walk

For those looking for more to do, the bridge is located in the same resort as the Sky Walk, a 710-meter spiral-shaped walkway that contains several adrenaline attractions, including a hanging net and spiral slide.

Both attractions can be found at Dolni Morava Mountain Resort, and further information and a booking portal are available here.

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